Our worlwide coverage positions us in a privilage place to cover larger operations or those that trade across different markets. Globalisations has changed the business reach and competition’s landscape.


With every project we deliver, your teams are offered full step-by-step training to fully maximize the potential of your ecommerce business. Training include merchandising, CMS, marketing and more.


We thoroughly analyse your existing digital commerce site to give detailed audit and advice on how to improve your business operations, customer journey and improve sales.


Our approach to work is a collaborative one. We create a detailed strategy based on your business’ needs and our expertise. This method allows the delivery of a bespoke solution through analysis, planning and execution.


We offer support throughout the building process as well as after the project is delivered. Our specialist team is available 7 days a week to answer your enquiries.


With a large network of specialist in-house, we are able to provide a full suite of solutions at every level, from a total marketing strategy to specialized paid search, performance marketing, social media and brand positioning.

UX & Design

Our years of experience and professional design team, understand the customer journey and how best to enhance it through design. Our UX expertise means the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.


We understand complex systems that make your business run smoothly. We ensure the integration with these existing systems including ERP, PIM, CRM and PSP for easy transition and operation.


We offer a wide range of hosting options from our trusted partners. From Rackspace to AWS, we ensure your site is running smoothly and safely with 24hour support.


We have a dedicated team of trained developers. With up-to-date knowledge of the latest coding practices, our front-end and back-end developers are able to create custom sites, tailored to your business needs.


We pride ourseleves for delivering complex projects and solutions in simple terms and with a clear understanding on what the deliverables will be from there on. What customers are to expect is a key element of the delivery and defines overall satisfaction.


We operate a large number of clients and projects at any given time, but all of them feel supported 24/7 by the KAMs, account Directors and our senior team. We ensure we deliver solutions that integrate clients’ systems  reducing the number of licences used and cost, while guiding them through the benefits and long term value of it.

“The Digitalis team are ultimate rock stars! Highly professional, educated, experienced and dedicated to helping their clients to achieve success. One of the best teams I have partnered with – highly responsive, innovative, leveraging best practice. From conception to project completion, they never miss a trick and always available to answer questions and provide intelligent and relevant insight”.

D. Gorgues – MD Total Wine Pack

“Digitalis’ consultancy service has proved highly effective in assisting the development of our corporate and marketing strategy for our operations across four continents. Their services have always been highly professional, delivered on time and with great, and on point, outcomes. Their knowledge drove the creative in-depth marketing recommendations improving our campaign results, brand exposure and overall confidence in the digitalization of the business”.

M. Foss – MD Sports Authority

“When it came to outsourcing of marketing services, Digitalis proved to be a real expert. They helped us to quickly established our requirements, setting up clear goals and work frame, selecting a great company to help with our sales and marketing materials fulfillment. Our digital revenues and performance have increased three fold over the past 18 months”.

S. Rayner – MD Lakeland

“Working with Digitalis was a great experience for our brand. They understood our brief and immerse themselves in the business, being a real part of it and delivering an outstanding strategic outcome. They bent over backwards to always go the extra mile to make the experience the best it could possibly be. Left us with an actionable strategy that feels like it was ours all along”.

C. Reindle – MD Wirecard

“The Digitalis team added value by their ability to think through logically, turning a concept into reality, being able to creatively come up with practical strategies and concepts to take to market. Their research played a key role in helping us to make critical decisions. As a result of their findings, plus their valuable insights and experience, they helped us chart a course towards much greater success”.

D. Carnerero – CEO LIvingdesign Europe

“Digitalis is at the forefront of the latest marketing and business trends. Their communication skills, integrity and work ethos make them an ideal business partner for any organization. Their vast experience provides them a unique edge in the corporate world. Being strategically focused, target driven and highly experience helped us to reach our milestones a lot faster than we anticipated. I cannot praise their work enough; it was an eye opener to collaborate with them”.

J. Cozzi – MD ITT Tech

“At Digitalis they are highly experienced strategic marketing professionals. Their knowledge and application of key marketing fundamentals – whether identifying value drivers through market research and needs-based segmentation, to developing customer value propositions and/or implementing targeted strategies –  are of the highest caliber. Very direct, open and honest about the problems we were facing and how to tackle them head on to ensure result were achieved. A terrific group of people to work with”.

T. Duddy – Board Member Schreiber

“The Digitalis team helped us to put in place a strategy for our advertising which we feel we have benefited from massively since. They provided strategic thinking and business acumen, with insightful data that has had a great influence in the way our brand is perceived while boosting its overall coverage. First class service, clearly mapped out work streams, efficiently executed. Excellent experience both personally and professionally”.

K. Thomas – Product & Trade Director Howdens

“Digitalis helped us with our on-line presence and provided guidance on how to market ourselves more effectively while maintaining our well established brand reputation. Their work on our digital channels was outstanding and still today we benefit from it. Their advice was to the point, with great delivery and a long term follow up plan to keep on developing our positioning on both arenas, social media and performance marketing”.

A. Broadhead – CCO Jumeirah

“Digitalis has vast industry and academic knowledge coupled with their real world experience. They provided us with a framework for creating a positive and profitable corporate direction, and did so in a manner that has minimized the guess work and builds upon intelligent selections. The end result is a well thought through strategic plan destination of choice, not chance. Thorough, cost effective and quick delivery of the project, which involved developing proper traction and pinpoint positioning in the marketplace, in an ever changing competitive landscape”.

K. Shiomi – Director Konica Minolta

“The Digitalis team did a fantastic job analyzing our e-mail marketing efforts, and offered tangible and detailed suggestions for improvement. From a remarkable improvement on CTR to e-mail design and subject lines. They looked at our audience and came back with creative solutions and fresh approaches to connect with them”.

J. Benito - Executive VP of Marketing KFC

“They are big-picture thinkers, problem-solvers, and savvy pragmatists. Champions for smart, strategic use of new technologies, and with extensive experience with social media and web. They consistently provided thoughtful input and guidance on our projects, shaping up a long term successful strategy”.

M. Kharbotly – CMO American Standard

“The Digitalis team are ultimate rock stars! Highly professional, educated, experienced and dedicated to helping their clients to achieve success. One of the best teams I have partnered with – highly responsive, innovative, leveraging best practice. From conception to project completion, they never miss a trick and always available to answer questions and provide intelligent and relevant insight”.

D. Gorgues – MD Total Wine Pack

Our Partners


We work with the best technology solution companies in order to compliment your commerce needs and enhance the digital experience for your customers and increase your brand’s growth. From email marketing, to hosting, merchandising, OMS, shipping and more, we’ve partnered with the best Magento technology providers for your business.

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