15th March – Digital Marketing Financial Services Conference – London

Which new innovations are business critical? How can we adapt to the latest developments in social media, mobile, multi-channel journeys & content creation?

  • Innovative, Results-Boosting Social Media Strategies: Capitalize on opportunities in established and emerging social platforms for creative yet compliant social media engagement.
  • What’s Next? New Digital & Technology Trends & Innovations: Critical developments to truly optimize your digital performance.
  • Multi-Channel Excellence in Customer Journeys: Devise next-level, integrated journeys which create positive, engaging experiences.
  • Demonstrate ROI, Prove Value, Pinpoint Results: Gain actionable insights with effective measurement and channel attribution models.
  • Navigate Regulatory Limits For Fully-Compliant Digital Marketing: Updates on the constantly-changing regulatory landscape and the implications of GDPR.
  • Stay Relevant & On Trend In A Mobile-First World: Maximize engagement with up-to-date mobile strategies which capture customer attention.
  • Successful Transformation For Digitally- Savvy Financial Services Organizations: Drive agile working and adapt internal processes to win buy-in and drive digital adoption business-wide
  • Relevant, Engaging, Attention-Grabbing Content: Harness innovative, targeted content to add value and drive results in digital marketing.



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